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Europeans do not want to change summer time anymore


More than 4.6 million people have participated in the online public consultation on the convenience of eliminating summer time, which was launched in Brussels. And the message of the Europeans has been clear, according to Deutsche Welle, eight out of ten Europeans are in favor of a single time.

The Commission has not confirmed the information of DW and has announced that they will be published shortly, but at this time the rumors take for granted the crushing defeat of the change of time. When will we stop using the famous phrase “at two will be three”?

When it launched the popular consultation, the Commission already explained that in this topic there were many urban myths that complicated the matter. Arguments such as energy saving are not as clear as it might seem and taking a decision of this magnitude entails an in-depth analysis.

Above all, because as some experts point out, it is possible that this time policy does not have the same effect in all the countries of the Union. Experts like Martín Olalla have been warning for years that hourly particularities are not only due to the meridian in which the countries are located, but also, mainly, to their geographical position (and its relationship to sunlight).


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