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Daesh mourns in his weekly and threatens America with the “never seen”


“America, do not rejoice at the death of Sheikh Baghdadi and do not forget that it was you who killed him. The new “caliph” Abu Ibrahim al Hashimi al Qurashi will make you see what you have never seen”. Days ago they announced that the substitute “was going to be better” (for them) and, therefore, worse for others.

The death of the leader of the Jihadist gang and the appointment of his successor has been accompanied, as is customary for terrorists, by threats denoting rage and impotence.

The last issue of “Al Naba” includes a laudatory editorial of the bloodthirsty terrorist and his successor, presented by the new spokesman, Abu Hamza al Qurashi, as a religious and military leader. A caliph in full rule.

“We are in mourning. The slave worker, Sheikh Mujahid Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi, Ibrahim, son of Awwad, Badri Quraish, has been accepted by Almighty Allah. We also mourn the Islamic state spokesman, Sheikh Mujahid Abu Musab al Mujair (the foreigner), a good immigrant accepted by God.”

All in all, there has been a worrying development. Spokesmen for the Kurdish FSD have assured (it remains to be seen if it is true) that the operation to locate and kill Baghdadi was made possible by one of his spies, who had outstanding issues with the “caliph”, and who was in charge of securing the houses where he was hiding. If what they have said is true, according to anti-terrorist media, it would be a tremendous irresponsibility, since Daesh has taken hours to hang the photo of this person in his nets with the order to assassinate him on the first occasion. Those of the Islamic state refer to him as the “intellectual author, a mujahedin who has collaborated with our enemies, the crusaders and the apostate.

However, there are other versions that are not disseminated about the origin of the information and are probably never known, as they compromise the work of the intelligence services.

Behind the warrior name of the new “caliph” could be Baghdadi’s right hand. He was appointed by the deceased himself as head of operations. The fact that he is presented as a “religious scholar and an experienced commander” coincides with the profile of Amir Muhammad Said Abdal-Rahman al-Mawla, known as Hajji Abdallah, who is nicknamed, as a ruthless terrorist, “The Professor” and “The Destroyer”.


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