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Venice suffers its worst flooding since 1966


The well-known phenomenon of the “high water” in Venice, the rise of the tides, reached during the night of Tuesday the 187 centimeters in the worst flood since 1966, and a 78 year old man died electrocuted in his house of the island of Pellestrina due to the entrance of water.

The highest tide level was reached at 22.50 (20.50 GMT) and was 187 centimeters, the second largest in the history of the city after the record of 194 centimeters reached in the flood of 1966.

“This is a disaster, we will have to just count the damage,” said the mayor of Venice, Luigi Brugnaro, after carrying out a boat inspection.

The damage in the city can be seen with the naked eye, gondolas and boats were pulled from the moorings and pushed towards the coasts and three vaporetti, transport ships, sunk and other adrift.

There has also been a victim, a 78-year-old man who was electrocuted in his house on the island of Pellestrina, south of Venice, due to a short circuit.

And there is great concern for the basilica of San Marco, since the water level reached 110 centimeters during the night and has completely flooded it, including the crypt of the saint.

Already yesterday the basilica had been flooded to 70 centimeters of water in the area of the narthex, bathing the mosaics that have just been restored after the high water that suffered in October 2018.


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