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Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei says the region no longer tolerates the presence of the United States


Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei has referred to the early morning attacks on the two Iraqi bases as a slap in the face of America. This region no longer tolerates the presence of the United States, he stressed. The Supreme Guide said these words during a speech, planned in advance, in which he also praised Soleimani as someone “brave and prudent” who “was always on the sidelines of political disputes between factions”.

At a press conference, Foreign Minister Mohamad Javad Zarif endorsed Khamenei’s words. In his speech he pointed out that the real revenge will be carried out when the US has withdrawn its troops from the region.

The Tasnim agency reported that Ali Khamenei followed the operation Martyr Soleimani on the ground from a control room. In their announcement, the Guardians of the Revolution have stated that “the time has come to fulfill the promise”. They called the attack “Operation Tough Revenge”, which they described as two waves of missile attacks. “We warn the Great Satan, the vicious and arrogant American regime, that any response or action will face more painful and cruel responses,” they warn.

In a televised speech, Iranian President Hasan Rohani addressed the United States: “You cut off General Soleimani’s hands; we will cut off your presence in the region. Tehran has threatened to launch attacks on Haifa in Israel and Dubai in the United Arab Emirates if their territory is bombed, as well as on other countries in the region that facilitate the launching of U.S. attacks against Iran.

According to military analysts, these are Fatah-110-type missiles, a series of Iranian-made ground-to-ground ballistic missiles capable of carrying between 450 and 650 kilos of explosives, which are launched from mobile platforms. The Iranian media do not specify the site from which they were launched, although it can be understood that it was from Iranian soil because of the videos that have been shown. These missiles have a range of 300 kilometres.


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