The number of deaths from the new coronavirus that causes Wuhan’s pneumonia in China rose to 106 on Tuesday, and the number of confirmed cases nationwide rose to 4,515.

The figure, updated to 00:00 local time (16:00 GMT on Monday) by the National Health Commission, represents an increase of 26 deaths and 1,771 confirmed cases from Monday morning’s figures.

On Monday there were 515 more serious cases – a total of 976 – and nine people were discharged after overcoming the disease, bringing the number of cured people to 60.

So far, 6,973 suspected cases have been detected – that is, they present symptoms but have not yet been confirmed to have contracted the coronavirus – and more than 44,000 people who have been in contact with sick people are being followed.

Most of the new cases and deaths have been recorded in the province where the outbreak originated, Hubei (central-eastern part of the country), where 1,291 confirmed cases and 24 deaths were added on Monday, bringing the total number of deaths to 100, the region’s Health Commission reported on Tuesday.

In the capital, Wuhan, 892 new cases were detected on Monday and 22 deaths were confirmed. This city is the epicenter of the disease and since last Thursday has been cut off from all access – 9 million people remain inside the city, according to local authorities – to try to contain the spread of the virus.

The rest of the deaths nationwide, according to CGTN, have occurred in the regions of Hebei, Henan, Heilongjiang, Hainan, Beijing and Shanghai. For the time being, Tibet remains the only province without any diagnosed infections.

So far, a total of 44 confirmed cases have been detected in other countries such as Thailand, Singapore, the United States, France, Germany and Australia.

It should be noted that the national count provided by the Chinese authorities and the state press includes the five cases confirmed so far in Taiwan, considered by Beijing as a rebel province.


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