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The army returns to the streets of New York to stop the Covid-19 pandemic


New York City welcomes the U.S. Army after the U.S. Senate approved a financial aid plan to address the coronavirus crisis. It is the largest economic stimulus with $2.2 trillion that will be provided to help families or small businesses, among other measures.

The United States is already the third most infected country in the world with more than 68,000 cases and just over a thousand deaths. The most affected state is New York, which accumulates almost half of the infected people in the whole country with more than 350 deaths. For this reason the army has taken over the streets of the city to ensure the confinement of the population.

New York will be the second least funded state in the country, despite being the most affected, to alleviate the consequences of the COVID-19 expansion. It will receive 1.9% of the total economic aid provided.

The governor’s communications director, Dani Leve, insisted that the plan is “another example of political use” of the situation, referring to the confrontation that the president of the country, Donald Trump, of the Republican Party, has with the state and city of New York, governed by the Democratic Party.


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