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Lessons from the pandemic


  • The politicians are not ready. Most of them have never worked, let alone owned their own business. They only know how to manage what to say, but not what to do.
  • The political parties are only interested in votes and governing. They are not able to unite even when millions of lives are at stake.
  • Health, though we all know it comes first, never comes first.
  • We are all very selfish. Until we have seen that it was our turn to be close, we have not reacted.
  • Governments should unite in the world and fight together now, but it is impossible, at the front we have politicians with partisan interests.
  • Countries cannot depend on China as the only manufacturer in the world. There are many critical products that should be manufactured locally.
  • It is very difficult to know the truth about anything. There are many vested interests and so most of the information is manipulated.
  • Cities now have less noise and less pollution. This will be the case when all cars are electric.
  • When all this is over, nothing will change. The world continues to be dominated by money, and therefore life will be as hard as ever was.


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