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More than 4,000 cardboard coffins in Guayaquil, where they continue to collect bodies


The city of Guayaquil, in southwestern Ecuador, has more than 4,000 cardboard coffins so that the bodies accumulated as a result of the health emergency by COVID-19 can be buried while the collection of the dead continues.

Some 3,000 of them have been acquired by the joint task force of the Ecuadorian Army, which in recent days has been in charge of removing the bodies from houses, streets, and hospitals of those who died of coronavirus or other circumstances in the coastal city.

The Government will provide these coffins to speed up the burials in the Parque de La Paz public cemetery in La Aurora, northern Guayaquil, where the military and police are working hard in recent days to transfer the bodies of low-income families who cannot afford to pay for the funeral.

The coffins are in addition to the more than 1,500 pressed cardboard ones that the Municipality of Guayaquil has already distributed between the two main cemeteries, Parque de la Paz and Jardines de la Esperanza, for the burials of victims of the pandemic.


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