The White House warns that it will force the Chinese regime to explain how it handled last year’s outbreak of the coronavirus in the city of Wuhan spreading around the world and killing 167,000 people. That is why President Donald Trump has asked China to allow an expedition of American researchers to enter the country to do field work.

The Chinese communist regime has refused to let American scientists in on several occasions. When the outbreak was already out of control in Hubei Province, the US Government offered to send help through the Centre for Disease Control, which is responsible for pandemic prevention and management. Beijing said no. As the president said yesterday, “we are in contact with China, and we have asked them several times to let us in, and we want to go in to investigate.

Over the past few weeks, Trump has mixed harsh criticism of Beijing’s handling of the crisis with praise for the determination with which Chinese President Xi Jinping has reportedly acted. His government team has been much tougher, adopting the term “Chinese virus” or “Wuhan virus” instead of coronavirus, and openly accusing Beijing of withholding information.

A columnist for The Washington Post revealed last week that several diplomatic cables from years ago had already warned of security breaches in a Wuhan laboratory where coronavirus testing was taking place. There is no suspicion that the virus is a biological weapon, but it could have escaped from a lab by mistake, according to those old cables.

Trump has said on several occasions that he is convinced that the figures given by Beijing on the number of people infected and dying from coronaviruses are not correct. The communist regime admits 82,000 infected and only 4,600 dead, while the US has 777,000 infected and 41,000 dead. After much pressure last week, Beijing agreed to double the number of deaths in Wuhan, admitting that it had deflated them.


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