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Anti-quarantine activist who defended that everything was “invented by politicians” dies of coronavirus


The coronavirus is currently widespread throughout the world. However, the impact it has had in the different countries has not been the same, nor has the behaviour of the population with regard to measures to prevent contagion, such as quarantine.

In the United States, images can be seen almost daily that surprise most people. Anti-quarantine demonstrations take place in different cities. In addition, some people attend armed rallies to ensure that those who wish to do so go to work. Conspiracy theories flood the networks, and politicians are accused of having invented the virus.

This was the case of John McDaniel, 60, who declared himself an anti-confinement activist and finally died on Wednesday 22 April after testing positive for the coronavirus, according to the DailyMail newspaper.

McDaniel, a native of the state of Ohio, began his criticism of the local government on March 15, when he decreed the closure of bars and restaurants as a method of prevention. “If what I’m hearing is true, Governor DeWine has ordered the closure of bars and restaurants! I say hell! If you’re paranoid, don’t come out. It shouldn’t affect other people who want to live their lives. The madness must stop. “, read his Facebook post.


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