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China suffers new outbreak of coronavirus in Harbin and isolates the city


High alert in China again for the coronavirus. The government has banned entry to the city of Harbin, the capital of Heilongjiang province, with the aim of containing a new outbreak after the one that started late last year in Wuhan, the global epicentre of the pandemic, has been brought under control.

“All confirmed cases, suspected cases, close contacts of asymptomatic people and close contacts of close contacts should be quarantined and tested,” local authorities said.

The new measure provides that neither residents of other cities nor cars registered outside Harbin can enter residential areas of the city. At the same time, local media say all local residents must have a QR code to confirm they are not infected and must wear a mask.

Previously, in mid-April, Harbin ordered all arrivals from abroad to be quarantined for 28 days: 14 in a special facility and 14 more at home.

These measures have been taken after the number of positive cases in Harbin increased significantly after an 87-year-old resident infected 78 people after receiving medical care at two hospitals. Those infected reportedly include family members, other patients at these clinics, and medical personnel.


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