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Dozens of decomposing bodies found in moving trucks in New York


The New York City police have launched an investigation after calls were received from Brooklyn residents complaining about the foul odor allegedly coming from dozens of bodies stored in front of a funeral home in U-Haul trucks – usually rented by the hour for removals – which the officers were able to see in a state of decomposition.

One call even stated that “blood was coming out of one of the trucks,” after which agents were sent to the funeral home where personnel were removing bodies from these moving trucks and then trying to locate them in a refrigerated truck or mobile morgue, according to the amNY online newspaper. A police source later said that two unrefrigerated trailers outside Andrew T. Cleckley’s funeral home contained about 50 bodies each.

According to police, the bodies were in the rental trucks for more than a week, were in some cases in a state of decomposition and caused the bad smell.

The refrigeration trucks are being used by hospitals and funeral homes during the pandemic to keep the bodies in good condition while families wait to bury their loved ones, rather than having to incinerate the bodies or have them disposed of by the city if they are not claimed.


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