Kim Jong-un, the North Korean leader, has reappeared this May 2 after being absent from public events for three weeks and where rumors about his health began to spread. Kim attended a ceremony for the construction of a composting plant in Sunchon, north of the North Korean capital.

Kim has been absent from all the events for 20 days, and even missed several of the April events, which began to raise questions about his health and even his possible death.

The regime’s agency, KCNA, has published such images where the North Korean leader is seen visiting the factory and cutting the inaugural ribbon. He was accompanied on the visit by his sister, Kim Yo-jong, the possible heiress to the regime.

Kim addressed the North Koreans, expressing his “satisfaction with the wonderful construction” that “strengthens the tasks and capabilities for developing the chemical industry,” as detailed in the press release.

Dozens of factory workers wearing masks were present at the visit, while applauding Kim Yong-un.


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