HomeNewsNearly a hundred dead in a single Manhattan nursing home

Nearly a hundred dead in a single Manhattan nursing home


The coronavirus preys on the elderly and in New York, the epicenter of the epidemic in the U.S., it is being especially prevalent in nursing homes and retirement homes. This week it was learned that in one of these centers in Manhattan, the Isabella Geriatric Center, the disease has claimed the lives of at least 98 people, in what could be one of the worst outbreaks in the country.

The 705-bed facility is located in the Washington Heights neighborhood of Northern Manhattan, just at the mouth of the Manhattan-New Jersey Bridge, which is also named after the first U.S. president.

“It’s absolutely horrible,” reacted the city’s mayor, Bill de Blasio, upon hearing the news. The reality is that the situation has gotten out of control in New York’s nursing homes, with outbreaks of coronavirus reported in at least 239 facilities. At least six of those nursing homes had 40 or more cases


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