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Russia experiences the highest number of infections in a single day


Russia has recorded the highest number of Covid-19 infections in a single day in the last 24 hours, 10,633, bringing the total to 134,687. This makes it the European country where the pandemic is advancing most rapidly, and it is now in seventh place on the world list of countries affected, behind the United States, Spain, Italy, the United Kingdom, France and Germany. However, it maintains a low number of deaths compared to the countries with the greatest spread of the virus (USA, Spain or Italy).

Since Saturday there have been only 58 new deaths in Russia, practically the same level as in previous days, bringing the total figure to 1,280. The number of recoveries has now reached 16,639, which marks a clear upward trend.

The most affected territory continues to be Moscow, which has counted 5,948 new cases of coronavirus in one day, also up from Saturday, bringing the total to 68,606 infected, more than half in the country as a whole. The number of deaths has risen to 729, which also constitutes more than 50% of the total number of deaths in Russia as a whole.

What is currently in effect is an extension of the “non-working days” until May 11 inclusive. This decree was issued by President Vladimir Putin on April 28 and has served as the basis for Moscow and most of the country’s regions to extend compulsory home confinement and the almost total closure of industry and all types of establishments, except for food stores, pharmacies and shops selling “basic necessities”.

According to the head of the Kremlin, the closure will begin gradually from May 12, “as far as the epidemiological situation allows. However, the capital’s mayor, Sergei Sobianin, suggests that Moscow may have to wait.


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