In the last month, several Russian doctors have mysteriously fallen out of the window of the hospital where they were working, resulting in serious injuries and even deaths.

According to local media reports, the health professionals had had disputes with their authorities after complaining about the conditions under which they were forced to work.

The latest incident took place on Saturday at Novousmanskoy hospital in the Voronezh Oblast region of Russia, where Alexander Shulepov, an ambulance doctor, was being treated for coronavirus. He is currently in serious condition and is in intensive care with a fractured skull after falling out of the hospital’s second-floor window, local media reported.

Shulepov had shared a video a few days earlier in which he and his colleague Alexander Kosyakin reported that they were forced to continue working after testing positive for the coronavirus. Kosyaskin, his colleague, had already criticised on other occasions the poor management of the hospital and the shortage of protective equipment, and was even questioned by the police, who accused him of spreading false news. Days after the video was released and only a few days before the accident, Shulepov would record another one retracting his statement and claiming that he had been forced to make such statements.

This was in addition to the mysterious falls of two other doctors in April in the Russian country, which have aroused some suspicion among the population and the opposition, who attribute the falls, along with other accidents, to state violence.


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