A masked man has robbed at least 21 establishments since the coronavirus pandemic broke out in New York City in mid-March, according to the city’s police department, which has released images of the individual.

Law enforcement officials said the robber has hit restaurants and grocery stores in both the Queens and Brooklyn neighborhoods since March 17, with the last attributed robbery occurring on Sunday, May 2.

The 6-foot-tall man operates by covering his face with a white mask and gloves of the same color, as well as a gray hooded jacket, and enters the establishments by throwing bricks through the windows or damaging the locks, according to police.

The thief has taken jewelry, electronics, cigarettes, alcohol and approximately $4,300 in cash from stores that remain closed.

Police have posted a video of one of the robberies on social networks, offering $2,500 to anyone who can provide information about the individual.

As of mid-March, New York authorities began closing the city and ordered the closure of all businesses considered non-essential, so a majority of stores remain closed.



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