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Trump refuses to wear a mask in public because he don’t want to give the press that pleasure


Donald Trump visited a Ford factory on Thursday and refused to wear a mask in public, despite the fact that it is mandatory in that workplace and the pressures around him to do so.

The U.S. president has chosen not to use the protection in front of the cameras, despite the fact that the medical authority of his administration, the Centers for Disease Control and Protection (CDC), has recommended it widely since April 3 to stop the expansion of the Covid-19. Yesterday it did not do so again, although later an image appeared in which the president was wearing it during his private visit to the factory, when it was out of the media’s sight.

In recent weeks, calls have multiplied for the president to put on his mask to set an example in the midst of a pandemic that has caused nearly 95,000 deaths in the country and continues to grow in many states. Trump has always refused to do so, despite the fact that it has become mandatory for all White House staff and has been worn by top officials, governors across the country, medical authorities and even his vice president, Mike Pence.

The rejection of the mask seems to be a question of image and politics: not to show weakness in the face of the pandemic, but rather to show that we are on the way to overcoming a crisis that threatens to prevent his re-election in the presidential election next November. This Thursday he gave signs of this, when he explained why he was not wearing it: “I don’t want to give the press that pleasure,” he told reporters as he spoke with the Ford executives, all of whom were wearing the mask.


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