HomeNewsMillions of people crowd U.S. beaches without worrying about coronavirus

Millions of people crowd U.S. beaches without worrying about coronavirus


Memorial Day arrived, the day the United States celebrates its war dead. One of the most important national holidays in the calendar. This year is doubly symbolic because it was the date chosen to begin the de-escalation.

The weekend the United States passed the tragic 100,000 death mark, Americans went out en masse to enjoy its beaches.

The images of American beaches crowded together for their first national “bridge” have come in for criticism across the country.

In fact, there is no state that has not already adopted some measure of openness. None of this, neither the photographs with crowds nor the businesses closed, nor the difference in the approach of some states and cities to others tarnish the profound solemnity of the day.

Despite warnings from U.S. authorities to swimmers to keep their distance from safety to avoid a second wave of the new virus that has infected 5.4 million people worldwide (more than 1.6 million in the United States alone) and killed more than 345,000 people, according to Johns Hopkins University, Americans flocked to the nation’s beaches and parks.


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