Police on Wednesday arrested the alleged perpetrator of an arson attack on an animation studio in the Japanese city of Kyoto last July in which 36 people died after the suspect recovered from his burns.

The suspect, identified as Shinji Aoba, had been in hospital since the fire ten months ago, which seriously injured him and about 30 others, in addition to the above-mentioned fatalities.

Aoba, who had previously admitted to setting the fire, will now be taken to a police station in Kyoto and questioned by the police, sources in the case told the Kyodo news agency.

The suspect allegedly threw flammable liquid on the Kyoto Animation studio headquarters and set it on fire; authorities believe he did so with the intention of getting revenge for an idea the cartoon producer had allegedly stolen from him.

The fire shocked the country as one of the deadliest in recent years and generated numerous expressions of support from studio and anime fans, including a fundraising campaign to keep Kyoto Animation afloat.

Most of those who died in the event were in their 20s and 30s, and were trapped in a stairwell of the three-storey building as they tried to escape the flames to the rooftop.

On the day of the fire, there were 70 of the more than 170 workers at Kyoto Animation’s headquarters, known both in Japan and abroad for such productions as the K-ON!! series and The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya.


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