The autopsy conducted by Hennepin County on George Floyd, after he died at the hands of the police in Minneapolis, has revealed that he had been infected with coronavirus. Floyd was tested for COVID-19 postmortem, which has proven positive.

The doctor who tested him, coroner Andrew Baker, explained that PCR revealed a positive result “for weeks after the onset and resolution of the clinical illness. “The autopsy result probably reflects asymptomatic but persistent PCR positivity in a previous infection,” he added.

As the coroner explained, the coronavirus played no role in his death and it is unlikely that it was contagious.

The examination also determined that the victim had heart disease and detected recent drug use.

The autopsy revealed that George Floyd was killed as a result of “the submission, restriction and compression of the neck” he suffered when he was being immobilized by agent Derek Chauvin. The African-American died from “a cardiopulmonary arrest while being held by law enforcement officers.


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