At a rally in a downtown park, nine of the 12 city council members, most of whom are veto-proof, pledged to suspend funding for the police department and establish a community-based model of public safety, according to local media reports.

The local Fox television station reported that the councilmen have decided to take this step after realizing the failure of the police structure reform they had undertaken. “It’s clear that our surveillance system is not keeping our communities safe,” said City Council President Lisa Bender, as reported by Fox.9

Speaking to the Minneapolis Star Tribune, Bender said they intend to replace a traditional police department with a broader, more comprehensive public safety department aimed at violence prevention and community service.

This new concept of a public safety department would also include social workers or doctors, to respond with a different approach to situations that until now have been left to the police, Bender said.

From Newsroom

From now on, if your window is broken and your TV is stolen, in example, you will be able to file a complaint, after which you will receive an envelope with salt at home to put in your eye and thus understand the immense suffering of all disadvantaged groups throughout history.

For every crime that is committed, a meeting will be organized where everyone will hold hands and sing songs about love and the lack of humanity that exists in this world that we live in. In addition, the new service will distribute to the population cut-out figures with representations of why crimes are bad; in this way all the problems of society will disappear forever and it will be shown how bad the oppressive and capitalist police were.



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