Venezuelan citizens are gradually approaching the limit of their tolerance. Every day a new product is sold out or a public service is no longer provided and the country is inexorably heading for absolute collapse.

Sometimes, some citizens explode in spontaneous protests like those that occurred this weekend due to the lack of gasoline in the country with the largest oil reserves on the planet.

The law enforcement response has been mainly intimidation. It happened in Sucre, in the east of the country, when fishermen claimed that their boats were no longer able to be used for fishing and therefore eating.

The actions of the uniformed personnel have also included repression. At least seven journalistic teams have been detained or assaulted. The reporter Carol Romero was beaten, imprisoned and presented in court after 20 hours of disappearance. She was accused of assaulting an official, although witnesses testify that such a thing never happened.

But regular citizens have also been arrested. The National Police arrested a couple Thursday for publishing a video of a protest that occurred at a gas station in Guatire, outside Caracas. They were accused of incitement to hatred, terrorism, disqualification of police institutions and destructive criticism of the fuel supply system, the latter two not covered by any legal norm, and rather violating freedom of expression and opinion established in the national constitution. It is a scheme that is beginning to be replicated in the rest of the country as well.


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