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Jihadist attack leaves 59 dead in Nigeria and nobody protests in the Western world (these black lives doesn’t matter?) :(


Fighters from the Islamic State of West Africa (ISWAP) killed 59 people in an attack on a farmers village in northeastern Nigeria on Tuesday.

The attackers broke into the village of Felo, in Gubio district (Borno state), killing 59 villagers, according to anti-Jihadi militia leader Babakura Kolo, whose account was confirmed by another militiaman and a local chief.

“Fifty-nine bodies were found after the attack,” Kolo said, adding that “some were shot at and others were hit by Jihadi vehicles.

The attack was in retaliation for the killing of jihadi fighters by the local self-defense militia that protected the village’s livestock; the constant cattle rustling had led residents to form a militia to secure their village and livelihood.


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