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United States exceeds 2 million reported cases of coronavirus


The United States on Wednesday surpassed 2 million cases of coronavirus, more than any other country in the world, according to the independent count from Johns Hopkins University.

The exact number of confirmed infections is now 2,000,464, while those killed by the pandemic are at least 112,924.

The 2,000,464 cases in the United States – representing more than 27% of those reported worldwide – are followed by 772,416 in Brazil and 493,023 in Russia.

New York State has been the great epicenter of the pandemic in the United States with 380,156 confirmed cases and 30,542 deaths, a figure only surpassed by the United Kingdom, Brazil and Italy.

In New York City alone, 21,960 people have died.

New York is followed by neighboring New Jersey with 165,346 confirmed cases and 12,377 deaths; California, which has reported 139,715 infections and 4,854 deaths; and Illinois with 129,837 coronavirus positives and 6,095 deaths.


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