The social network Twitter revealed today that it has suspended 174,000 accounts linked to the Chinese government that were involved in a coordinated effort to promote pro-Chinese narratives on its handling of the coronavirus crisis and Hong Kong’s pro-democracy protests, among other issues.

The accounts were deactivated during the first three months of 2020 and, according to Twitter, most were writing messages in Mandarin and seeking to improve the image of the Chinese Communist Party-led government, mainly in Asia.

According to the blue bird company, the propaganda network did not achieve much digital impact, and most of the messages it created ended up being shared by other accounts that were part of the same operation, instead of being spread independently by the rest of the users.

The social network explains that it has found links between this operation and another one carried out by the Chinese government in mid 2019 that was extended, in addition to Twitter, to Facebook and YouTube.


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