The government of U.S. President Donald Trump sued former national security advisor John Bolton on Tuesday to prevent his memoirs from being released because it reveals confidential information that could endanger the country’s national security.

The “United States of America v. John Bolton” lawsuit, filed in federal court in Washington, seeks to prevent the long-awaited book by Trump’s former advisor from reaching bookstores when it is scheduled to do so on June 23.

Publishing that text “containing confidential information” would constitute a “clear breach of the agreements that (Bolton) signed as a condition of his employment (as Trump’s counsel) and as a condition for gaining access to highly confidential information,” the U.S. Department of Justice states in its complaint.

According to Bolton’s publisher, Simon & Schuster, the book will reveal that Trump committed “Ukraine-like violations” in other aspects of his foreign policy, referring to the president’s pressure on Kiev to interfere in the US elections, the issue that motivated his impeachment.

“This is the book Donald Trump doesn’t want you to read,” the publisher proclaimed in a statement last week.


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