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Animalists vs. human rights defenders: two dogs kill a burglar who broke into their house


Now who’s right?
Are the animalists right who say you can’t blame the animals because they just followed their instincts?
Are human rights defenders (habitual defenders of criminals) right to demand compensation and payments for the attack on the thief’s life?

A 19-year-old has died after being attacked by two dogs, one of which was a pit bull, while trying to rob a house in the outskirts of La Plata, Argentina. The animals wanted to defend their owner’s home and attacked the thief.

According to Infobae, the events occurred on Saturday night when the local police received a warning that two dogs had attacked a person. Upon arrival, the officers found the young man in the courtyard of a house with injuries to various parts of his body.

Soon after the police arrived, an ambulance from the Emergency Medical Service (SAME) arrived to treat the young man, identified as Dylan Escudero, 19. He had multiple wounds in his legs, arm and neck, so he was taken to San Martín Hospital in La Plata, where he finally died.

According to witness statements, a neighbour heard the young man’s screams and saw him try to disperse the dogs by throwing water on them.


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