The United States on Wednesday reached 2,378,648 confirmed cases of coronavirus and 121,932 deaths, according to the independent Johns Hopkins University count. The balance at 00.00 GMT on Thursday was 35,909 more infections than on Tuesday and 756 new deaths.

The average number of new cases per day in the country has returned to above 30,000 in the last week due to the upsurge in states such as California, Florida, Texas and Arizona, which, with record numbers of cases, add up to nearly half of all infections nationwide.

New York, however, remains the state hardest hit by the pandemic, with 389,666 confirmed cases and 31,257 deaths (a figure only below Brazil, the United Kingdom and Italy, and which includes 22,365 deaths in New York City alone).

New York State is followed by New Jersey with 13,076 deaths, Massachusetts with 7,937 and Illinois with 6,770. Other states with a large number of deaths are Pennsylvania with 6,518, Michigan with 6,114, California with 5,677 or Connecticut with 4,287.

Both New York and New Jersey have seen declines in the number of cases over the past few weeks, but the virus is now moving south and west.


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