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British Government orders Leicester confined in response to a major coronavirus outbreak


Leicester has become the first city to be quarantined after de-escalation in Europe. The nearly 350,000 inhabitants of this British city will be confined as of this Monday. Non-essential shops and schools will be closed.

The town accounted for 10 percent of all new coronavirus infections in the country last week and has 135 positives per 100,000 inhabitants. Boris Johnson’s executive has ordered a total blockade that prevents people from entering and leaving the town.

Mike Barer, a microbiologist from the University of Leicester, warns that “the risk of a second wave is increasing”.

The situation will be reviewed in a fortnight’s time, but the Health Secretary has already warned that the same measures could be taken in other cities if there are new outbreaks.

The World Health Organization warned: “The worst is yet to come, I’m sorry to say, but given the evolution of the virus in the world, we fear the worst.

In Germany, they are extending the quarantine around the meat plant where more than 1,700 cases of coronavirus have been detected. And from Australia, after detecting the largest outbreak in 24 hours in the past two months, the government is considering confining Melbourne to prevent a second wave of infections.


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