It’s not the first time a jewel of art has been hidden under a huge layer of dust. It has happened with paintings by great painters, with valuable jewels, with sculptures… now it is a Chinese vase that has remained for decades at the bottom of a cupboard in a rural estate in Holland.

Experts know that on many occasions the value of the pieces can go unnoticed but this time the author of the discovery decided to go to a connoisseur who was surprised as soon as he saw the Chinese vase.

The Chinese vase had been in a cabinet for decades, the exquisite piece has ‘survived’ in very good condition over time. The old lady who found it contacted art specialist Bosch van Rosenthal. Once he had analyzed the piece and convinced that it was of enormous value, he sent an e-mail to Sotheby’s Asian auction house, according to its president, Nicolas Chow, who told the specialist media, The Value.

Chow was so impressed that he took a plane to Holland to see it with his own eyes. Once the vase is analyzed, the conclusion is that we could be looking at a piece of the 18th century Qing dynasty. Chow assures that the exquisite porcelain had already been part of the Sotheby’s catalogue in London in 1954 and that it was bought by a Dutch collector, which explains why it was found in Holland. It will go on auction and its starting value is 10 million dollars, more than 9 million euros.


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