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Can an eagle hunt and fly away a shark?


One image has been viralized in the last few hours and many are wondering if it’s real. But the truth is that it seems that it is. In the spectacular sequence, an eagle appears in flight while holding what appears to be a small shark in its claws.

The spectacular image was shot on Myrtle Beach, a beach in South Carolina, and the main debate is whether the animal the eagle has hunted is a shark, a dolphin or a tuna.

The image shows the strength and determination of the eagle, as it carries an animal of the same or even greater size several feet off the ground.


  1. The people on the ground don’t seem very interested, it’s like it’s not even happening, they’re totally oblivious to it. They should be jumping up and down pointing their fingers in the air—they’re all looking at the ground. It’s fake! The video doesn’t show the eagle actually “catching“ the shark.

    • The people is far from the eagle. The images seem to be taken from a hill or an apartment out of the beach. Anyway, here go my two points:

      a) that can’t be a shark because it doesn’t have a vertical tail, maybe a newborn dolphin

      b) the images at the end give a better idea of the size of the eagle and the size of the catch, and it is not far from other many movies available in YOutube: https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=osprey+with+fish

  2. One correction you might want to consider. Myrtle Beach is in South Carolina, not Florida. I grew up in Florida and currently live in Florida. Never heard of a Myrtle Beach in Florida.

    • Thank you, Stephen. You’re absolutely right.
      That was the location of the press release but as much as we searched, we couldn’t find any Myrtle Beach in Miami, and we changed the story to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.


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