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U.S. Customs seizes human hair taken from Chinese concentration camp prisoners


In recent weeks, US customs authorities have seized 13 tonnes of wigs and hair extensions from China, valued at over USD 900 000, which they suspect have been taken from prisoners in concentration and forced labour camps in Xinjiang province.

According to the spokesman of the White House National Security Council, John Ullyot, “the Chinese Communist Party has fallen to its lowest level if it turns out that this highly suspicious shipment of 13 tons of human hair is linked to the Uighur concentration camps”. On 1 May the United States Customs and Border Protection issued a warrant for the seizure of any hair products from Haolin Hair Accessories Co. Ltd. because of doubts about the origin of its wigs and extensions, which are made from human hair. The shipments have arrived in recent weeks at ports in New York and New Jersey.

The White House has denounced that the Chinese regime has forced Uighurs and other Muslim ethnic minorities in Xinjiang province into forced labor on a large scale, as a method of subjugating them. There are more than one million Uighurs detained in concentration camps in Xinjiang. Several women have reported that their hair is shaved when they are sent to these concentration camps. When they are released, they are sent to forced labor in factories.


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