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End of the coronavirus ‘dry law’ in the UK: pubs reopen

NewsEnd of the coronavirus 'dry law' in the UK: pubs reopen

In a show of caution, almost half of the pubs in Camden were still closed early Saturday morning. Some decided to delay the opening to Sunday to avoid the first wave of “punters”, others implemented draconian measures (such as the need to register beforehand) that pushed back the parish.

But the influx of young people began to be noticed from six o’clock in the afternoon and with a preferential destination: the open-air pubs of Borough Market, where the rules of social distancing have clearly been blown up. It is estimated that during this ‘super Saturday’ 15 million pints were served in the 23,000 bars that opened their doors.

At the entrance of ‘The World’s End’, which is announced as “probably the biggest pub in the world”, a huge sign tries to dissuade anyone who has had a fever in the last few hours, or who has lost their sense of taste or smell. The usual doorman checks you with his eyes, and to get in you have to apply the disinfectant to your hands and walk almost on tiptoe, before the incessant ballet of waitresses wiping the bars and tables every 15 minutes.

Despite the social distance, the conversations that inevitably revolve around the pandemic are soon echoed.


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