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Florida records over 11,400 new infections in a single day


The United States celebrated its National Day yesterday, July 4, and in Florida they couldn’t have done worse, setting a new daily record for new cases of coronavirus infections, with 11,458 cases, amid a celebration of American Independence with curfews, beach closures and drinking restrictions due to the alarming trend of the pandemic in the southeast of the state.

The figure released today by the Florida Department of Health is the highest since the government began counting the cases on March 1.

Since then, a total of 3,702 people have died in Florida (18 more than yesterday) and 190,052 have been infected.

The previous record for daily cases was set Thursday with 10,109 in the midst of a visit to the state by U.S. Vice President Mike Pence, President Donald Trump’s deputy to lead attention to the pandemic and who praised Governor Ron DeSantis’ strategy to stop the spread of VICD-19 as “innovative” that day.


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