A bus driver is brain-dead after being beaten by several people after denying them access to transportation by not wearing a mask in Bayonne, France.

The Chronoplus transport union has called for strikes starting Monday to protest the situation that has left brain dead his 58-year-old partner and father of three children.

The driver denied several people entry to the bus for going without a mask, without a ticket and for carrying a dog. So the driver got out of the vehicle to stop them getting on and that’s when one of them hit him on the head from behind. The man became brain dead on Monday.

The mayor of Bayonne, Jean-RenĂ© Etchegaray, has denounced the attack and called it an “act of barbarism. While the driver’s colleagues refuse to work because of what happened.

Note from Theallineed.com
Agency notes and press releases make no mention of the race or country of origin of the attackers, which, as usual, is an indication that they were not white or French.
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