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TikTok is blocked in Hong Kong, while the U.S. studies banning it


Last week in China a new National Security Law was passed which gave Beijing extensive powers to regulate public security in Hong Kong.

A few hours ago Facebook, Google and Apple already announced that they will stop responding (at least temporarily) to requests from both the Chinese government and the Hong Kong authorities about users of their social networks, devices or services. Telegram also notified that they will also not respond to requests for information about their users made by the Chinese authorities, and now it is TikTok’s turn.

The music platform has stated that they will withdraw from Hong Kong in the next few days, and will remove their applications from the corresponding App Store and Google Play Store.

While TikTok announces that they are leaving Hong Kong, other countries have already announced that they are banning it or are considering doing so
Mike Pompeo (US Secretary of State) has announced that his government is considering banning TikTok in the United States. In an interview with Fox News, he stated that they are “taking this very seriously.
The US and Hong Kong are also joined by Australia, another country which (according to some sources) is also considering banning the app on its territory. However, TikTok Australia has already responded that this information is “not credible”.

Let’s not forget that India decided to ban TikTok at the end of last month, along with 56 other Chinese applications, claiming they are “a threat to the sovereignty and security” of the country. After the decision in India, it seems that other countries want to follow in their footsteps.


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