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Chinese Embassy in Kazakhstan warns of new pneumonia in the country “much more deadly” than COVID-19


The Chinese embassy in Kazakhstan issued a statement on Thursday warning of the emergence of an “unknown flu” much more deadly than the COVID-19.

In the press release, the embassy warned the citizens of the Central Asian country of the increase in cases of “dangerous local pneumonia” in recent weeks, explaining that since the beginning of the year a total of 1,772 people have died of this pneumonia in Kazakhstan; only 638 in June.

“The death rate from this disease is much higher than that of new coronavirus pneumonia,” the embassy added, saying that “the Kazakhstan Department of Health and other agencies are conducting comparative research and have not defined the nature of the pneumonia virus.

Now, as they devote their efforts and resources to fighting not just one but two viruses, the letter reminds citizens to be vigilant and increase precaution “to reduce the risks of infection”.

The Asian country, which since the beginning of July has suffered a peak in infections that has forced them to return to confinement, now has more than 54,747 positive cases and 264 deaths from coronavirus.


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