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30-year-old man dies in Texas who went to a Covid-party to be infected


A 30-year-old man who believed the coronavirus was a hoax and attended a “Covid party” died after being infected with the virus, according to a Texas hospital.

The man had attended a meeting with an infected person to see if the coronavirus was real. The premise of these parties is twofold: to check if the coronavirus really exists and to intentionally expose oneself in an attempt to gain immunity.

The deceased man told his nurse just before he died that he had attended a Covid party: “I think I made a mistake. I thought this was a hoax, but it’s not.”

This story should warn others about the seriousness and consequences of Covid-19. Especially in Texas, California and Miami, where cases of coronavirus are emerging exponentially.

Coronavirus parties are dangerous, irresponsible and potentially deadly. Attending such a party can be the road to an early death, or one of chronic, unrelenting fatigue, chest pain, shortness of breath and everyday fever. And that, if you survive.

Some health experts and public officials have cast doubt on whether and to what extent “Covid parties” are actually taking place. County health officials in southeastern Washington state reported in May that they had evidence that at least two cases of coronavirus were linked to one or more of these parties. However, they soon recanted, claiming that the parties could well have been more innocent gatherings.

Before there was a vaccine for chickenpox, chickenpox parties were also organized to infect their children with the disease, as it was thought to be more dangerous to catch it as an adult.

The vaccine is the safest way to protect against chickenpox now that it is available, although some people still allow their children to participate in such gatherings to catch the disease.

The big difference is the coronavirus doesn’t behave like chickenpox and there should be no parties for either virus. It is simply and plain, stupid.


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