HomeNewsCOVID-19 exceeds 573,000 deaths with over 13.1 million cases worldwide

COVID-19 exceeds 573,000 deaths with over 13.1 million cases worldwide


The new coronavirus pandemic that originated in the Chinese city of Wuhan has surpassed 13.1 million cases worldwide with more than 573,000 deaths, according to the general count made public Tuesday at nine o’clock by Johns Hopkins University.

The United States, which has 3.3 million cases of VOC-19, is also the nation that leads the death toll, with 135,605 deaths. Brazil – with 1.88 million positives and 72,833 deaths – is the nation with the most patients recovered, with 1.29 million saved, while the United States has more than a million recovered who have completed their treatment.

India, in particular, has crossed the threshold of 900,000 cases, with 906,752 infections and 23,727 deaths since Tuesday. Russia has 732,547 cases and 11,422 deaths. Peru is in fifth place, with 330,123 positive cases and 12,054 deaths, close to Chile’s figure of 317,657 infections and 7,024 deaths.

Mexico also exceeds 300,000 cases, with 304,435 people infected and 35,491 dead, while the United Kingdom has 291,691 people with coronavirus and 44,915 dead.

Then, South Africa has 287,796 positive cases and 4,172 deaths, surpassing Iran with 259,652 people infected and 13,032 deaths, and Spain with 255,953 people with coronavirus and 28,406 deaths.

Pakistan (253,604 cases and 5,320 deaths), Italy (243,230 cases and 34,967 deaths), Saudi Arabia (235,111 cases and 2,243 deaths), Turkey (214,001 cases and 5,382 deaths), France (209,640 cases and 30,032 deaths) and Germany (200,180 positive cases and 9,074 deaths) are at the bottom of the table of countries with more than 200,000 confirmed cases.


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