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What are the most powerful mercenary armies in the world?


Over the past decades, dozens of security companies have emerged around the world to work for governments and large corporations, providing personnel from the military. These are the most active mercenary companies in recent years.

Defion International

This company is headquartered in Lima, Peru and recruits and trains security personnel, logistics personnel and professional services to provide services worldwide. With offices in Dubai, the Philippines, Sri Lanka and Iraq, it is dedicated to recruiting Latin American contractors to operate in different countries. In the Iranian war, it sent 3,000 Peruvians and Ecuadorians for protection or dirty war work for a salary of $1,000. The American security company Triple Canopy subcontracted Defion International personnel for some of its operations.

Academi (Blackwater)

It’s the main mercenary army of the United States. This private security company was founded in 1997 by Erik Dean Prince and Al Clark to train United States Marines. Its first assignment was for the U.S. government to train 100,000 soldiers after the attack on the USS Cole off the coast of Yemen. In 2002 he contributed hundreds of men to support the U.S. Armed Forces in the war in Afghanistan and later in the war in Iraq. Embroiled in several scandals, the company changed its name in 2009 and finally ended up being called Academi. In the last few years it became known that Prince, outside the company, had planned to form an army of mercenaries to act in Venezuela to overthrow Nicolás Maduro.

Garda World

This Canadian company is one of the world’s security companies with an army of men made up of former British special forces and other elite soldiers. In 2013, Garda established operations in Nigeria to provide “logistical support” to international oil companies. It was also involved in the conflict in Libya. Six weeks before Gaddafi was killed in Sirte on 20 October 2011, the rebels requested Garda assistance to “lay siege to the pro-Gaddafi stronghold of Sirte”.

Triple Canopy

It is a private military company specializing in risk management, mission support and integrated security services. Its clients include governments, businesses and non-profit organizations. Founded in 2003 by former U.S. Army Special Forces veterans Matt Mann and Tom Katis, its ranks include former police officers, rangers, SEALs and Army personnel, totaling 5,000 employees. In 2004, it participated in the Iraq war to protect allied troops stationed in the area. In 2010, it was hired to help provide humanitarian aid in Haiti following the earthquake that struck the country. She has also worked in the Gulf of Aden on anti-piracy operations and the border with Mexico.


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