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Latin America is now the great global focus of the coronavirus


The plague is spreading across a continent already ravaged by poverty, corruption and violence. In addition, Latin America was not prepared at the logistical and health level to resist the onslaught of the coronavirus, in such a short time. It was “the final blow” for the region, where experts calculate that there will be the greatest number of deaths and the economy will suffer the most.

Brazil, the second most affected country in the world by the new coronavirus pandemic after the United States, recorded 23,529 new confirmed cases and 716 deaths from covid-19 in the last 24 hours. In its most recent daily epidemiological bulletin, the Government reported that the total number of people infected rose to 2,098,389, while the number of deaths rose to 79,488.

Yesterday, the Chinese coronavirus vaccine began to be tested on 9,000 volunteers out of more than one million candidates in Sao Paulo, in an agreement between the laboratory of the Asian country Sinovac and the state-run Butantan Institute, the country’s main immunological reference centre.

Meanwhile, true to his style, Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro, who is infected with the new coronavirus, received a few hundred supporters in the gardens of the Alvorada Palace, the presidential residence, and even came within a few meters of his followers.

A staunch defender of the opening of trade and of some economic activities, contrary to the quarantines and rigid measures of social isolation recommended by health authorities worldwide, Bolsonaro has delegated the responsibility of management to the governors, empowered by the Supreme Court.

In Mexico, where the number of cases is expected to continue to increase, there are 44,224 accumulated cases and 39,184 deaths. Of the total number of positive cases, it is estimated that 13% (44,749) are active, that is, they have the capacity to generate more cases. Its president, López Obrador, also advocates the opening of businesses.

In Peru, another of the countries most affected by the disease, the government has ruled out a new quarantine despite the increase in cases. In fact, restaurants reopened yesterday. This reopening is part of a gradual program of deconfinement that seeks to boost the economy in the second country in Latin America with the most cases of coronavirus (more than 350,000), after Brazil. The Andean country also surpassed the 13,000 deaths from Covid-19, the third highest figure in the region after the South American giant and Mexico. Meanwhile, Peru’s hospitals are close to collapse due to the number of patients with coronavirus.

In Chile, President Sebastián Piñera presented his plan for decontamination after “five weeks of improvement”. The country has a total of 330,930 infected people and 8503 deaths. They have even begun training dogs to detect those infected with the virus.

In Colombia, with 8,560 new positive cases, the country has so far registered 190,700 infections and 6,516 people have died from the pandemic, 228 more in the last 24 hours. It is the fifth most affected country in Latin America. In addition, the epidemic continued to deepen yesterday in Bolivia with the third record of daily infections in a row, which surpassed the barrier of 2,000 new cases, accumulating 58,138 infections and 2,106 deaths in a country of 11 million inhabitants. Seven members of the government’s cabinet are in isolation due to contagion and the hospitals have run out of beds. There is also great demand for coffins and some bodies have to wait in the morgue for their turn.

In Argentina, the country with the most days in quarantine, the decontamination plan began yesterday in the capital, Buenos Aires, but in a very mild form. The quarantine continues although some small shops were able to open and people were able to play sports at night. The total number of cases detected in the country amounts to 126,755, and the number of deaths to 2260. Experts warn that the peak has not yet been reached.


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