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Why is the coronavirus still hitting the United States hard?


With more than four million cases, the coronavirus seems to give no respite to the United States, which for several weeks now has been leading the global statistics on infections, although it has managed to keep deaths at bay.

The pandemic in the world’s leading power has navigated waters that have been choked by politics, racial protests and a vast array of funds to contain the economic effects of the disease.

What do experts think about the issues that have dominated the atmosphere since the first positive news in the country last January?

The United States is living through an election year and politics seems to be an inescapable issue.

For the Democratic strategist Federico de Jesus, the basic problem is not that this is an election year but “that the United States has a president who does not understand or does not want to understand that the electoral and public health issues should have absolutely nothing to do with each other.

“I don’t blame politics or politicians, because there are Republican and Democratic politicians who have said and done things that normally in an election year they would not do,” added this analyst, who recalled that the first stimulus package approved by Congress following COVID-19 had the support of both parties.

Doug Badger of the Heritage Foundation said the president, Donald Trump, “has clearly suffered politically as a result of the pandemic.

He said Trump “shares the blame with senior federal health officials, most of whom were in their agencies long before” he was elected “and will remain there after he leaves office”.

“But the idea that the United States is the country ‘most affected’ is not true, at least not to this point,” he said, arguing that the nation “has had fewer deaths from COVID-19 per million people than Belgium, the United Kingdom, Spain, Italy, Sweden and France.


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