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In four days more than a million people have been infected with the coronavirus worldwide


In just four days more than a million people have been infected with coronaviruses worldwide. Data on infections continue to increase, mostly globally. China has the worst record in the last four months.


Sixty-one new cases of coronavirus have been diagnosed and about 14,000 people are under observation. Most of the infections are locally transmitted and are related to a seafood processing factory. The total number of infected people in mainland China is 391, of which 20 remain in severe condition. For those infected who are asymptomatic, China has recorded 34 new cases, leaving a total of 306 people under observation in these circumstances.


Australia has over 500 cases and six deaths, in the city of Melbourne alone. The state capital of Victoria is suffering from a six-week lockdown. The mask is mandatory and fines exceed 120 euros. Victoria’s health chief, Brett Sutton, told a press conference that the “peak” of infections could have been reached. According to the Victorian authorities, there are 4,542 active cases, of which 683 are linked to the elderly citizen sector, while another 245 people are in hospital.


Also in Venezuela, 525 new cases of coronavirus have been registered and four more people have died. The total number of deaths is 146 and the number of infected is 15,988, according to the Venezuelan Vice President of Communications, Jorge Rodriguez, on Monday. Of the 525 new cases detected in the last 24 hours, 453 are community transmitted and 72 were “imported”.
As is usually the case with all official figures in Venezuela, there is a suspicion that these data are absolutely incomplete or are directly manipulated by the authorities to minimize the scope of the epidemic in the country.


Peru has 4,929 new confirmed cases and 189 deaths in the last few hours. Of the total number of confirmed patients with coronavirus, 13,450 are hospitalized and 1,439 are admitted to Intensive Care Units. Likewise, in the last hours, 4,697 patients were discharged from the hospital after overcoming the disease.


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