Evo Morales maintains a relative silence on the matter, but in Latin America there are comments on the evidence that the former Bolivian president maintained a pedophile relationship with Noemí Meneses, a 19 year old girl who has admitted to the authorities of her country a “sentimental” relationship with the former president. The girl’s whereabouts are unknown after she escaped from house arrest.

The police file was constructed from the arrest of the girl along with her older sister and another member of her family on July 12, when they were in a vehicle belonging to the government of Cochabamba, which is controlled by Morales’ party. This vehicle, the authorities say, had been given to Noemí’s family two years earlier.

The government points out that the arrest took place when investigators were looking for the sister of the teenager, Gladys, for having participated in “terrorist” actions in 2019. In the woman’s phone were found photographs of Noemí and Morales, which show them together sharing meals, trips, activity in a gymnasium and even breaks in a bed. According to the police document, there is a record of calls and messages exchanged by the girl with a number in Argentina, supposedly held by Morales. However, the accuracy of the dates has been disputed, as there are messages in which Meneses communicates that she was detained on July 6, and not on the 12th.

In the social networks and local press there has been a resurgence of a declaration by Morales in a public event in 2016 when he affirmed that at the end of his time as President, he would retire with his “quinceañera” (teenager, in Spanish). The following year, the phrase was repeated by his then vice president, Alvaro Garcia Linera, when he recalled that Evo would retire to the Chapare.

All this scandal occurs two months before the Bolivian presidential elections, in which one of the competitors is Luis Arce, from Evo Morales’ MAS party. The candidate is portrayed with the former president and Noemi Meneses in a public activity. He would not be the only member of Morales’ political circle who would have been aware of the relationship between the two.


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