Hurricane Laura makes landfall intensifying in level 4 on the coast of Louisiana, in the United States. Winds exceed 150 miles per hour. The hurricane made landfall over the town of Cameron, 30 miles from Lake Charles.

The U.S. National Hurricane Center on Wednesday indicated the hurricane’s upgrade and that Laura’s eye could cause major flooding.
According to the center, Laura is one of the most powerful storms since Katrina.

NHC Director Ken Graham addressed residents of the area in a video: “It’s too dangerous to be out there, I hope they’re not there, I hope they’ve evacuated.

This hurricane has already killed 21 people in Haiti and another four in the Dominican Republic, although its level was lower. It now threatens Louisiana and East Texas. And floods and strong gusts of wind are expected. However, meteorologists believe that it will pass through this area quickly. It will arrive in Arkansas next night and move on Friday as a tropical depression over the central Mississippi valley.


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