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Remaining Belarusian opposition leader kidnapped in Minsk


Belarusian opposition leader and member of the Coordination Council, Maria Kolesnikova, was kidnapped by unknown persons this morning in Minsk, according to the Tut.by channel, citing a witness. Her phone is not answering.

It happened this morning near the National Museum of Art. Unidentified persons put her in a minibus with the sign “communications” and drove away in an unknown direction.

Kolesnikova, who worked as a campaign manager for the arrested Belarusian presidential candidate Viktor Babariko, came to the fore during the election campaign as a member of the so-called “Women’s Trio” who spoke at the rallies, always together with the wife of another candidate who failed to be registered, Valery Tsepkalo; and the presidential candidate Svetlana Tijanovskaya, who united the whole opposition and is considered to be the winner of the August 9 presidential elections.

The Minsk police department is investigating what happened, the press office informed. Koleshnikova’s disappearance comes 24 hours after another large demonstration against the Belarusian president Alexander Lukashenko which ended in violence and arrests. The representative of the Ministry of Interior of Belarus Olga Chemodanova said on her Telegram channel that 633 people were arrested on September 6 “for violating the legislation on mass events” in Belarus. 363 people were sent to isolation rooms.


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