The global number of deaths from coronavirus has exceeded one million this Tuesday. A pandemic that has infected more than 33 million people worldwide.

A pandemic that has overburdened the health of all countries, caused a global economic crisis and changed the way people live with strict social distancing measures.

These sad data show that every day 5,400 people die from coronavirus worldwide according to data from September 1 to 27. This means 226 deaths every hour, or 3.76 every minute, which is one death every 16 seconds worldwide from the coronavirus.

The United States, India and Brazil are home to a large number of those infected and killed by the coronavirus. This means that the number of deaths from coronaviruses in these three countries is 45% of the total.

The first death from coronavirus was a Chinese patient in January in the city of Wuhan, a man who usually went to the city market, the focus of the virus.

The world is still immersed in the battle against the coronavrius with the second wave hitting several countries and so restrictions are tightening.

Spain is the country in Europe with the most cases, with more than 748,000 people infected with the coronavirus and more than 31,000 dead. The second wave of coronavirus has affected this country with force.

The mayor of Brussels prohibits prostitution in the city as the contagion has increased. In Slovakia he restricts public gatherings and in the Netherlands fans are barred from sports events.

Bars and restaurants will lower their blinds at ten o’clock, a measure that is already in force in Paris and that hoteliers do not like. In Marseille, hoteliers have had to pull down their blinds. Total disaster.


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