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European Union sanctions London for breaching Brexit withdrawal agreement


The European Commission has begun to process a sanction against the United Kingdom for violating the Withdrawal Agreement that sets the conditions for the Brexit and gives it a period of one month to correct the situation. If the dispute is not resolved before then, this file will ultimately reach the EU Court of Justice.

Ursula von der Leyen, in an unquestioned statement, has informed that the European Commission services have sent a “letter of formal notice” to the competent British authorities. “The letter invites the British government to send its comments within one month. In the meantime, the European Commission will work hard for the full implementation of the Withdrawal Treaty”, concluded Von der Leyen.

Europe gave Boris Johnson’s Executive a deadline of 30 September to amend the controversial Internal Market Act with which London would ignore some of the provisions of the Brexit agreement as it affects the control of goods on their passage from Northern Ireland to Britain. However, the bill received the endorsement of the House of Commons and continues its parliamentary process.

This law is considered “unacceptable” by the European Union because it gives London a free hand to break the commitments it made to the EU regarding the passage of goods from Northern Ireland to Great Britain, which is a “violation of international law”.

Von der Leyen has underlined in his speech that this legislation violates the obligation to act “in good faith” which is contained in the divorce agreement and has insisted that if it is definitively adopted in its current form, the rule will be “in total contradiction” to the provisions of the Northern Ireland protocol.


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