Most Greeks long ago came to a conclusion about the neo-Nazi party Golden Dawn. Since then, they have patiently waited for three judges to give the verdict of the trial. And so it has been, throughout Wednesday morning the sentence has been known, which states that Golden Dawn is a criminal organization.

The decision is historic for Greece and understands that the crimes committed by the members and militants of the neo-Nazi political party were carried out under the knowledge and orders of the formation. The result has been received with applause by the approximately 20,000 people who had gathered in the streets of the Greek capital.

After five and a half years of trial, this is the biggest trial against a group of neo-Nazis since the Nuremberg Trials. The conclusion, expected both inside and outside the country, may have great symbolic weight for the European ultra-right wing, since at the best moment for the organization it could see in Golden Dawn an example of success.

At the trial, 68 members of the organization, including the party leader Nikolaos Michaloliakos, and former legislators, as well as police officers, were accused of leading a criminal structure behind the façade of a political organization.

Mijaloliakos and six other leaders of Golden Dawn have been found guilty of leading a criminal gang, while eighteen other people, most of them former deputies, were found guilty of membership in the said criminal organization.


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